Amber M. Rowell

My favorite part of working at Prudencio Legal Services is our clients. No matter what type of case we are working on we become emotionally attached to these cases and their outcomes. We want our client at the end of the process to know they were not just a client but part of the Prudencio Legal Services family.

I am passionate about helping our clients navigate what can be a confusing and difficult process. I strive to always provide some peace of mind and reassurance to our clients and their families.

Outside of the office you may find me volunteering with the March of Dimes, my community soccer board, or various volunteering programs within my church.
I also enjoy grabbing a meal from from Buck’s BBQ, Front Street Café, Midway Café, and Avenue Brew.
Spending quality time with my children (Shelby, Zoe, Leah, and Everhett) is something that I greatly value, whether that is watching them compete at swim meets, on the soccer field, or just spending time at home.